How to Tie the FG Knot: Best Line-to-Line Fishing Knot

The FG knot is the best line-to-line fishing knot for braid-to-mono connections. If you need a knot that will be going through your rod’s eyelets frequently, you need a thin profile, strong, reliable knot. You need to know how to tie the FG knot. It’s the thinnest profile line-to-line fishing knot and has a knot strength rating of 100%. I use the FG knot for my shark setup when fishing for leopard sharks in Southern California.

We’re going to talk about three main things today. One, how and why the FG knot maintains such a thin profile, two, how and why it has a knot strength rating of 100%, and three, how to tie the FG knot, of course.

How To Tie The FG Knot

How to Tie the FG Knot

FG Knot: Thinnest Profile Braid-to-Mono Fishing Knot

The FG knot maintains such a thin profile because of its efficiency in using each line. Braided fishing line is known for its thin profile in relevance to its strength. The combination of its thin profile and its lack of memory allows it to wrap around monofilament quite nicely.

Looking at the thumbnail image for the video on how to tie the FG knot, you can see that the overall profile of the knot is not much bigger than the mono being used. Since the braid is able to be wound tightly, it’s thin to begin with, but it also slightly digs into the mono. This allows for an even thinner profile than one would originally assume. This brings us to our next point.

FG Knot Strength Rating of 100%

Most fishing knots are the weakest part of your setup in terms of your fishing line. This is because with monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing line, the memory is noticeable. When you bend and kink the line (like you have to when tying fishing knots), it creates a weak/damaged point in the line. By leaving the monofilament or fluorocarbon line completely straight, the FG knot eliminates most-to-all of the possible damage.

How to tie the fg knot
FG Knot

The only possible damage that might occur within the FG knot is the tightening of the braid around the mono. The braid will not be damaged in any way because of its near-zero memory. The mono might have minor grooves in it from the braid, but the idea is that you tie it uniformly allowing for even distribution of pressure for minimal damage.

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