About Surf Fishing in Socal

My name is Nick Heid and I began surf fishing when a friend of mine introduced me to the topic. We picked a day and he took me to one of his favorite spots. I caught my first perch and watched him reel in a 4-foot Guitarfish. From that point on, I was hooked! Ever since, I’ve fished an average of 2-3 times per week during the summertime, and gained value expertise on the subject. More specifically, I have learned so much about surf fishing in SoCal.

I started out just like anybody would; get to the beach, find the sand crabs, throw the hook out and hope for the best. Over the years, I’ve caught countless amounts of fish, but most of all, I’ve gained an incredible amount of knowledge about the surf, its conditions and how it affects the tendencies of fish. I love all kinds of fishing, but surf fishing is hands down, my favorite type and it’s become my passion! I want to pass on my expertise as I know first hand, the more you know, the more you catch.

For that reason, I am now a CA Department of Fish and Wildlife licensed fishing guide. You can book a guided session through this link.

Guided Leopard Shark Fishing!

Our Goal: Surf Fishing in SoCal

Fishing in SoCal is one of the most underrated attractions along our coast. I created this website to offer you my expertise and to help surf fishermen across SoCal catch more fish and have fun doing it! I will constantly be publishing relevant and beneficial content that will be useful for both experts and beginners. So get ready to learn a lot and catch a lot more along the way! SoCal has so much to offer when it comes to surf fishing and I’m here to show you the how’s and the why’s.

To gain maximal expertise and tune into the most up-to-date and relevant information on surf fishing in SoCal, follow our blog. We’ll be updating this to show you where the fish are and what methods are working best. More importantly, we’ll give you the extra edge you need to start reeling in the fish you’ve always wanted to!

If you’re looking to upgrade your fishing arsenal, click here and shop through Amazon links to support my website. To learn more about surf fishing ion SoCal, explore the tabs and menus on this website and I’m sure you’ll learn something valuable. If you need more information on common species and fish identification, here is a great resource. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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